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My music collection is consistent and offers access to my playlists, videos, artists news, concerts videos & tickets, vinyl records as well as private offers for its Music Avenue members! Explore & discover what Music Avenue recommends you, drawing from a rich catalog of music that spans all genres and eras.

Discover artists & music
Enrich your collection,
playlists & buy vinyl records
Concerts on demand & tickets

Musical video channel

Want to have your own musical TV channels?

Just let Music Avenue make it, inspired by your playlists and Music Collection.
You get one channel per playlist, whatever music service you use currently.
Available on your TV & mobile.

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Unlimited Music, everywhere

Play unlimited music from over 50 millions tracks – powered by Napster.
Control it with your voice and decide, from your TV or mobile, on what speakers or devices you want to play it!

RCA Smart

Live TV, Catch-up, premium channels, SVOD & VOD
4K HDR quality
Multi-room music, musical videos, concerts & more
Alexa built-in

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